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Book Cover: Las Estrellas Book Cover: Las Estrellas

Title: Las estrellas (The Stars)

Author: Julieta Fierro

Editor: Tercer Milenio—Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes

Year: 1999

ISBN: 970-18-3494-1

Suggested reader’s academic level: Junior High School

This book provides to the reader a brief overview of astronomy. It is part of the Third Millennium Culture Collection for general public.

Las estrellas (The Stars)


This is a book that in 63 pages simply and briefly describes the subjects listed in the contents. Some of the sections are descriptive and others are technical. However, each section can be read independently. This book gives the reader a general and brief knowledge of astronomy. It is part of the Third Millennium Culture Collection readings for the public.


  • Introduction
    • Before Getting Started
    • A Look to the Sky
  • The Celestial Sphere
    • The Aspect of the Sky
    • The Constellations
    • The Stars of the Constellations
    • Time Units and the Astrolabe
    • The Constellation Orion
    • Orders of Magnitude
    • Definition and Determination of Geographic Coordinates
    • Longitude
    • The Celestial Coordinates
    • Direct Observation of the Sky
    • Amateur Astronomer Societies
  • The Life of the Stars
    • The Stars are Round
    • The Colors of the Stars
    • The Star’s Energy Source
    • The Spectral Classification
    • The HR diagram
    • The Birth of Stars
    • Planetary Nebula and the evolution of the Sun
    • Supernova and Black Holes
    • The Stars as Recyclers
    • The New Planetary Systems
    • Shooting Stars
  • Distances of the Stars
  • Conclusion
  • Celestial Sphere Map
  • Glossary


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